Le Persona, l'outil incontournablepour une expérience client unique

Le Persona : C'est quoi ? 

Aujourd’hui, les typologies clients par régions, par catégories socio-professionnelles ou encore par tranches d’âges etc… sont devenues des informations très figées.
Ce sont plutôt les informations émotionnelles, le vécu et les attentes du client qui l’emportent si l’on veut offrir à son client une expérience unique et incontournable.
D’où la notion du « Persona » que nous définissons comme suit : le Portrait Semi-Fictif qui raconte le vécu du client, ses émotions durant son expérience avec l’entreprise, ses besoins spécifiques et ses attentes non-exprimées.


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About the Course

We've been running courses for 3 years. Our goal is to help you succeed and make your work more efficient.

Concentration and motivation are the keys to success in any business. However, it is often difficult for us to focus even on the simplest task. Our team works to help you become a better you.
We will help to focus on what is really important and learn how to treat things as they come in not leaving them till the last minute.


Why Choose Us

We do not teach our students. We help each of them succeed whatever they do!


Vast Experience

We have helped to improve the motivation and concentration skills of almost 1000 students.


New Techniques

We are constantly improving our skills and offer students only effective techniques to achieve better results.


Full Support

Participants receive 24/7 support from our speakers. Ask questions, discuss, grow your skills.



Our course includes comprehensive work - psychological, motivational, rollout, etc.



Each of our speakers has vast practical experience in overcoming procrastination and other blockers on the way to achieving goals in business and personal life.


Morgan Johnson

Planning Tools Expert

Morgan is a developer of services for planning. He took part in the development of popular to-do list apps. Morgan will tell us what apps are worth using.


Jill Andersen

CEO at AndersWonder

Jill started a successful business in just 3 months. Her company is in the top 10 in its industry in the United States. She knows all the secrets of motivating employees.


Joshua Benson


Joshua graduated from Stanford University with a degree in Psychology. He is the author of 3 books on psychology and uses his patented practical techniques. 


Lisa Tau

Head of Psychological Counseling Center

Lisa opened the Psychological Counseling Center in New York in 2008. Over the years, she has helped many people find themselves and succeed in any industry.



Watch what our speakers say about the course which they carefully developed based on their own experience.




During the whole week, you will listen to lectures and get practical assignments from the speakers.


June 1-2

Joshua Benson

Why nothing is working out?

    Blockers we create when achieving goals.
    Psychology of procrastination.
    How to deal with psychological barriers?

June 3-4

Jill Andersen

How not to lose motivation?

    Why is our motivation fading away?
    How to keep your motivation flying high?
    How to motivate yourself to get the job done?

June 5-6

Lisa Tau

Building the will to succeed

    What is self-discipline?
    Basic rules and principles of self-discipline.
    How to take control of your habits and choices?

June 7

Morgan Johnson

Top programs for your productivity

    Why do we all need productivity apps?
    Review of the best free services.
    How to efficiently use to-do lists in apps?

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We offer the most favorable conditions for everyone who wants to become a better, highly-organized person. Choose your option below.

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7 online lecturesNo home assignments24/7 support

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7 online lectures6 home assignments24/7 support

Option 3



Today Only!

7 online lectures   6 home assignmentsAdditional materials

Option 4


7 online lectures6 home assignments1-on-1 consultation


Almost 1000 people have already completed our course! What can they say about it?


Daniel Peterson

I could not take control of my life. Whatever task I undertook, nothing worked. I'd never been able to settle down to one job. I realized that this could not continue like this. I took the motivation and concentration course, and things started looking up. It has become much easier for me to concentrate on current tasks.

October 28, 2018


Jane Gordons

Many thanks to the speakers of this online course. They really helped me find new sources of motivation. Thanks to them, I understood how to properly motivate myself to do this or that, and how to plan my working day correctly. I am very grateful to this course and the speakers, they helped me succeed.

December 02, 2019


Susan Saturan

I was not happy with my income. I wanted to earn more but every time I had such an opportunity, I could not concentrate. I took a bunch of freelance tasks, and then just watched the deadline coming. My friend advised me to take a course on self-discipline and motivation. I am very grateful to the speakers.

February 08, 2020


Sam Watson

I repeatedly tried to start my own business, but something always went wrong. I was losing money but gained literally nothing. I thought it wasn’t mine until I took this course. I understood my main problems, realized what I was doing wrong. It has become much easier for me to concentrate on tasks and plan pieces of work. 

April 18, 2020


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  • How are the classes held?

    All classes are held online, you don't need to go anywhere.

  • How can I find out more about the course?

    Contact our manager and he will tell you more about the course program and home assignments.

  • Can I ask speakers questions?

    During the online lecture, you can write your questions, and the lecturer will answer them.

  • How long does each lecture take?

    The lecture lasts about 120 minutes + answers to questions.

  • What time do lectures begin?

    Lectures start at 7 PM New York time.

  • What if I cannot join an online lecture at a specific time?

    In this case, we recommend that you pay for the course with the option to receive video recordings. We will send records of the lectures to your email 1-2 hours after the end of the lecture.


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